Mountain Biking

Feel the Thrill

Mountain biking in Costa Rica is a popular activity that offers an exciting and unique way to explore the country’s stunning natural beauty. With its diverse terrain, from rocky hillsides to lush rainforests, Costa Rica is a prime destination for mountain biking enthusiasts of all skill levels.

During a mountain biking tour in Costa Rica, you can expect to traverse through scenic landscapes, encounter local wildlife, and experience the thrill of riding on challenging terrain. Many tour operators offer guided tours, with knowledgeable bilingual guides who are familiar with the area’s flora, fauna, and geography.

Mountain biking tours can range from easy, family-friendly rides to more challenging, technical rides for experienced bikers. Some tours may also include stops at local attractions, such as waterfalls or hot springs, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the Costa Rican experience.

Safety is a top priority for mountain biking tour operators in Costa Rica, and all equipment is regularly maintained and inspected. Bikes, helmets, and other necessary gear are typically provided by the tour company.

Package Includes

  • Round-trip transportation from your hotel to the mountain biking trailhead.
  • A safety briefing and equipment orientation, including a mountain bike, helmet, and gloves.
  • A guided mountain biking tour through the Costa Rican countryside, with scenic views and opportunities to see local wildlife.
  • The option to choose from a variety of trail difficulty levels, depending on your skill level and preference.
  • Bilingual guides who are knowledgeable about the local flora and fauna, and can answer any questions you may have about the tour.
    • Snacks and refreshments provided during the tour, such as bottled water and fresh fruit.
    • The option to add additional activities to your tour package, such as a visit to a nearby waterfall or a zip lining adventure.
    • A photo package or video recording of your mountain biking tour, available for purchase.
    • Souvenir options available for purchase, such as t-shirts or other items.
    • Memories that will last a lifetime, and a fun and active way to experience the natural beauty of Costa Rica.

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