Sanando Practitioners

Want to be a part of the Sanando team of wellness practitioners? This is for You!

Wellness Practitioners, Coaches,
Spiritual Guides….


You are on a true life mission to bring goodness to the world.

But how do you REALLY help people?

It’s only sometimes intuitively aligned and you bring serendipitous healing to someone you bump into on a walk.
(wouldn’t it be nice if it was always that easy?)

There’s more to it and our Sanando Wellness Collective is the haven to learn and grow in the practice and business of healing.

In addition to your special expertise, there are 3 essential elements:

  • an effective method for someone to experience it
    (zoom calls aren’t enough)
  • the right way to invite the right people to the experience
    (authentic marketing in a noisy world)
  • a like-minded support team
    (together in truth and light)

The Sanando Practice is…..

  • A life transformation approach that can be applied to an experience / event / retreat model to “make change stick”
  • A soul-aligned business method that allows the right people to say yes and enter into your experience
  • A collective of wellness leaders like yourself

It’s a method practiced by Dr. Stephen Odom and Online Brand and Business Expert Lori Mercer for over a decade.


We invite you to experience Sanando

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There is no fee. The application process allows us to know everyone in the collective supports the values and missions of the Sanando practice. Being part of the collective provides exposure to an audience of other wellness leaders and

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Your retreat model or infused with our Sanando Practice

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