a Healing Practice

Welcome to the Sanando Flow

All events and retreats designed by Concierge Retreat Pro – whether ours or yours, whether mindfulness, recreational, or organizational wellness and training experiences – are infused wtih our very own Sanando Flow and Practice.


Sanando Flow weaves your desired outcome with a curated milieu of place, environment, thoughts, emotions and experiences that connect + discover + explore + cultivate.

It’s all designed specifically for that experience – that venue – that event – that moment – that person or group of people.

It is not one specific thing or a quick fix solution, but the beginning or extension of a practice of intention to integrate heart and mind in all things.  


Sanando is sanctuary with structure

We invite anyone to join in the Sanando Practice.

For personal growth. As a practitioner. As a partner wanting to experience the Sanando Flow in your events.


Our team consists of a variety of vetted wellness practitioners on location across North and Central America.

We believe a healing practice should never be about any one individual but about facilitating a healing experience that participants can take with them beyond the experience.

Our concierge services match the right practitioner to the right experience and can include any of the following:

Massage Therapy



Sound Therapy



What is a Sanando Experience Like?

Through Sanando Flow and mindfulness practices such as yoga, meditation, Sound healing, breathwork and Desire Mapping®, you will discover and access the deep well of power and wisdom within your mind and body, as we connect + discover + explore + cultivate.

Further, a Sanando retreat will help create a space where you can deeply feel and sustain a direct connection between your body and the Earth.

You will have many activities available to you to complement the rich spiritual work you will begin during your stay.

For our Costa Rica locations, these activities include mountain, jungle and waterfall hikes, and visits to local volcanoes, coffee farms and botanical gardens.

Each will help restore your sense of wonder and reawaken you to the beauty which surrounds you.

Every aspect of your retreat will foster a new, more mindful way of living, including the meals which you will enjoy here. Each of your meals will come from healthy, locally-harvested foods and will be prepared fresh for you daily by our chefs. Of course, we will take your allergy and dietary restrictions to heart.


Our Philosphy on Personal Growth and Healing

We often develop facades, the faces we show the world, as a coping mechanism in order to survive. These facades are complex and deeply embedded into our way of being. Identifying and unraveling elements that lead to the creation of these facades allows for the discovery of one’s true self.

The discovery of your true self is one of the most challenging, yet paramount and meaningful transformations that can occur during your life journey. Doing so with a trusted guide can lead to an emotional freedom from fear and pain; granting relief from the past and confidence in the present and future.

Our process goes beyond just discovery. We believe in the inherent value of connection. True kinship with the world around us is established through three key points of connection. These points of connection include:

  • Connection with oneself. Creating an honest relationship with yourself, examining your strengths and weaknesses and lovingly accepting all that you are.
  • Connection with others. Being truly authentic and vulnerable with another person. This connection withstands the human condition. You accept and appreciate someone exactly as they are, and they do the same for you.
  • Connection with something outside of ourselves. When we are aware of the grandeur, infinite wonder and implications of a connection on this universal level, we’re left with a sense of gratitude and humility that inspires happier and healthier decision making.

We dedicate our retreats to helping you create these three connections through our healing expertise and compassion.